Transfers to and from Des Moines International Airport

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Des Moines International Airport Transfers

Passengers arriving at Des Moines International Airport who wish to travel to the counties surrounding the airport and Polk County can opt for a public transfer service.

Airport Transfers at DSM include several Ground Transportation modes, including Regional Shuttles, Intra-City Shuttles, Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Agency (HIRTA), and Paratransit services.

Regional Shuttles have destinations in Central Iowa.

Intra-City Shuttles provide shuttle service to and from Ames.

HIRTA destinations include Boone, Dallas, Jasper, Marion, Story, and Warren.

It is recommended to book in advance to avoid additional charges caused by last-minute bookings. Online booking is available.

From the airport to anywhere in Des Moines, a one-way trip costs $2.50. If your destination is within Polk County, the fair rate will be $5 for using the public transfer service.

If you wish to travel outside the county, from the airport, the fare rate ranges from $10 to $25.

HIRTA Public Transit marks one side of their transportation units with the name of the company for easy recognition.

For arriving passengers that prefer a limousine for their transfer, the service is also available at the airport and can take you to any point in the whole region.

Please inquire directly from the limousine companies. Booking in advance is recommended.

Make sure that all your baggage and belongings are loaded on the vehicle. Confirm your destination and transaction details with the driver before boarding the transfer service.

Rental Car Services at Des Moines International Airport

Rental Car services are available from various companies all over Des Moines. Some of these companies are hosted by the airport.

If you choose to take a rental car to or from the airport, you should follow the procedures for a rental car check-out and proper returns.

Rental Car fees differ depending on the origin and destination. See all rental car companies at Des Moines International Airport.

If DSM is hosting your car rental, you may claim the keys when you present the proper documentation at the car rental booths on the ground floor. Check and follow overhead wayfinding to easily locate the Rental Car Returns Parking.

Alternatively, if you rented a vehicle from companies other than the ones hosted by DSM, confirm the terms of checking out and rental car returns to them.

Ride Shares at Des Moines International Airport

Uber and Lyft are the rideshare apps available in Des Moines. Either software can be downloaded, installed, and used from any compatible WiFi device.

By using Uber and Lyft, you will have the convenience to hail a vehicle from your current location to various destinations.

Confirm your trip details with the driver before loading your items and getting in the vehicle.

Rideshare vehicles will drop you off at the front curb or pick you up from the baggage claim area.

It is recommended to book rideshare vehicles in advance.

Taxis at Des Moines International Airport

Another way to get to and from DSM is by taking taxis.

If you are taking a taxi to get to your chosen destinations, head to Taxi stands located outside DSM’s Baggage Claim Area.

On the other hand, taking a taxi to get to DSM means that you will be dropped off at the front curb. More information about taxis at Des Moines International Airport.

Trains at Des Moines International Airport

Osceola Station, the nearest train station, is about 59 kilometers or about 50 minutes away from DSM.

To get to the train station, you may take a shuttle or a bus that will connect you to the airport.

When you are at the nearest train station, a shuttle, bus, or taxi should be able to take you to the airport. Additional information about train services near Des Moines International Airport.

Buses at Des Moines International Airport

Taking the bus to and from the airport is another option that many passengers consider.

The public bus route that services the airport is the Fleur Drive Route or Route No. 8.

The next bus stop after the airport is in the Central Transit Station where you can transfer to another bus with a different route and serviced area. Further information about buses to and from Des Moines International Airport.

Be careful not to confuse Route No. 8 with the airport shuttle that serves only the airport parking lots.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Des Moines International Airport

Many hotels in Des Moines offer various packages for travelers. For most, airport shuttle services are included in promotion packages and accommodation bundles.

Some would provide airport shuttle service for an additional cost paid on top of their accommodation bill.

It is important to confirm this before booking to avoid unforeseen expenses or inconveniences.

Hotel shuttle services include airport pick-up and drop-off, as well as hotel drop-off and pick-up.

Parking at Des Moines International Airport

Des Moines International Airport has several parking lots that passengers can choose from.

The parking lots are usually used by the passengers who drove their cars to get to the airport, acquaintances who came to fetch and send off passengers, and airport staff.

The nearer parking lots cost more than those that are farther away from the terminal building. See more information about long and short-term parking at Des Moines International Airport.

The nearest parking lot is Short Term parking which won’t charge you anything for the first 20 minutes. $1 per 20 minutes will be charged after that.