Taxi Transfers To and From Des Moines International Airport

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Des Moines International Airport Taxis - Fares, Distances and Where to Find Them

A common way to reach Des Moines International Airport is by flagging down a taxi from any point in Des Moines.

If you get to the airport using a taxi, you will be dropped off on the front curb outside the Departures Area. There are taxi stands throughout Des Moines.

If you are arriving at the airport and you choose to take a taxi to your destination.

If you need to schedule a taxi ride, it is also possible by reaching out directly to the taxi company.

Before riding a taxi, make sure to confirm with the driver your transportation details. Taxi fare in Des Moine depends on the destination and origin.

Taxis at Des Moines International Airport

You can find the taxi stand right outside the Baggage Claim Area, through any of the exit vestibules.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Des Moines International Airport

You can also be picked up by shuttle services of your chosen hotel in Des Moines.

Please note that not all hotels provide airport shuttle services. Confirm the availability directly with the hotel.

Some hotel shuttle services are listed under airport pick-up and drop-off. Other hotels may charge an extra fee for this service.

If your hotel shuttle service is dropping you off, please alight the shuttle at the front curb outside of the Departures Area. Make sure that you have all your luggage before entering the terminal building.

If the hotel is picking you up, let them know of your flight schedule or if your flight is delayed. If they park in one of the parking lots in DSM, the hotel might charge the parking fee to you. Confirm this detail directly with your chosen hotel.

Ride Shares at Des Moines International Airport

Rideshare vehicles are popular in Des Moine. Passengers are more confident in traveling because of the built-in GPS tracking system that lets you know your exact location and that of the vehicle you are hailing.

The app also lets you know how much you have to pay and the duration of the travel before confirming a booking. Fees vary depending on the distance traveled and traffic conditions during the time of travel.

Des Moines has two rideshare options, namely Uber and Lyft. Either can take you to the airport from any point in Des Moine or vice versa.

Rideshare vehicles will drop you off at the front curb of the airport and pick you up at the Baggage Claim exit vestibules.